Fallout- what would you do different if starting fresh?

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Fallout- what would you do different if starting fresh?

Post by S7 mrmiller on Wed Dec 30, 2015 4:54 pm

At this point, I have put so much time into fallout I dont think I will do another play through or start over. If I was I would drastically change my build. I would move most all of my strength to luck. I initially thought I would do a melee build, but I normally use only VATS. I would miss the extra carry weight more than anything, but the low life could also be a problem until I found endurance gear. My new build would be:


Perception needs to be 4 for lock pick, but you can get the bobblehead right away after leaving the vault. Will also need intelligence and charisma at 6 for science and local leader, but can get those later as there are earlier skills I would be adding points to anyhow. Eventually would need to get strength to 3 and agility to 5 for the armorer and action boy perks, which could be done with bobbleheads or spending a skill point. Then wear endurance and agility armor for increased life and action points.

Anything you would change? I might just start a new character to see how this works out, as this basically covers all the skills I use now at level 45 or so. Then again, you could just dupe the SPECIAL book and have everything at 10. 😉


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Re: Fallout- what would you do different if starting fresh?

Post by S7 DROOPY on Wed Dec 30, 2015 5:47 pm

I would have not put points in strong back. Main thing I would change is the countless hours I spent just wondering around as with the "endless" brotherhood and the minutemen quests I'm pretty much playing all the random levels I found all over again


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