Assault Rifle Reviews

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Assault Rifle Reviews

Post by Atrum on Sat Dec 26, 2015 4:21 pm

This will be ignoring attachments, but having sunk quite a bit of time into getting diamond camo for the ARs, I thought I'd review them all.
I decided to rank them by my personal preference


KN-44: A solid starting gun. Good for fast gametypes. A bit weak at mid-long range combat though.
XR-2: Great damage, good at all ranges -which is odd for a burst rifle. Biggest potential problem is the bullet spacing. It's very easy for a strafing or running player to literally split the bullets in your burst. Still great all around though.
HVK-30: My favorite AR. Lots of damage, good at all ranges (despite the stat sheet). Great for faster gametypes.
ICR-1: Good for slow gametypes or hardcore. Damage is a bit weak, so you'll get out dueled in Core gametypes.
Man-O-War: Similar to the HVK - good all around gun. The slow fire-rate hurts you in close range though. It's also not the best at long ranges. If the stats were a little better at either end of the spectrum it would probably be the OP gun in the game.
Sheiva: Semi-Auto. Super strong gun if you're accurate. Due to the range, you'll end up dueling a lot of snipers. Very possible, but you need to know how to engage properly.
M8A7: This gun fixes the XR-2 issue with a faster burst. Less damage though, so players will frequently slip around corners. Still very good.

Keep in mind, my 'rating' is just an overall opinion. I think I had the best overall KDA with the sheiva and destroyed a lot of people. It just took more effort and skill to do so. Using the Man-O-War or HVK you can get away with some spraying and bad positioning.

Let me know what guns you guys are enjoying! I'll probably do another review once I unlock another set of diamond camo.


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