4.2 Million PS4's sold, and 3+ Million Xbox Ones sold since Launch

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4.2 Million PS4's sold, and 3+ Million Xbox Ones sold since Launch

Post by S7 mrmiller on Wed Jan 08, 2014 12:27 am

I know a lot of people bash the way Microsoft came out with the Xbox one and reversed policies, but I still think the $100 difference with no noticeable "must have games" is making a difference in the sales here.

I did notice some funny posts in the troll comments section, including:

"7.2 Million $400+ game systems sold, yet the government can't break 2 million Obamacare sign ups..."

"People need to quit being fanboys and realize its two wolves(Sony & Microsoft) debating which part of the sheep they want to eat first. "

"Their goal is to make money. IF you think they care about you or your opinion you obviously wasted your $$. "

"25% more is not blowing away, they are both doing great, and xbox costs 25% more so they have made about the same amount of money."

"its funny how people bash Xbox 1 because of the knect saying that its recording you and spying on you. i think its dumb because anything the NSA can do with Xbox they can do with your cell phone, baby monitor, on-star in your car, lap top, etc. Buy what console you like and because of someones spy paranoia."

"Meanwhile, Nintendo cries itself to sleep every night."



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