Xbox One Black Tusk Game Unveiled at E3 2013

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Xbox One Black Tusk Game Unveiled at E3 2013

Post by S7 Sticky on Tue May 21, 2013 4:05 pm

saying it will be like the next halo title we shall see .i hope it does turn out to be a heavy hitter like halo or cod title what ever it is
either way cant wait for 343 to say something about a real halo title

In a post-reveal interview, Microsoft President of Interactive Entertainment Business confirmed to Geoff Keighley that a new game from developer Black Tusk would be revealed at E3 2013.

Black Tusk, an internal Microsoft development team, formerly known as Microsoft Vancouver, is rumored to be working on a AAA project that it billed as being "the next Halo." During its reveal of the Xbox One, Microsoft noted that it has 15 exclusive games in production for its next-gen system, including 8 original concepts.


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