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Post by S7 Interseptor on Fri Nov 09, 2012 3:05 pm

Forza News -

Wednesdays racing was just plain amazing! No two ways about it. We has close clean racing all night and everything came down to the very last race. Everything was on the line and we saw amazing finishes across the board. Most notable was the racing between Apex and Atrum. These two slugged it out all night and went into the final race with only 1 point separating them!!! It was winner take all and at the end of 7 laps on Catalunya National they finished the race in 1st and 2nd place with 0.01 seconds separating them at the finish line! It was AMAZING! Who was victorious? In the end a photo finish revealed Atrum the victor! Congrats for the 1st place finish and 2nd place overall for the Tourney. You truly earned it. Apex slipped to 3rd followed safely by Kenny in 4th and Xpert in 5th. Kenny was very consistent all night and took 4th for pretty much every event. Xpert had a strongest showing overall despite not being prepared. He finally found a good car for himself about half way through the Tourney easily took 5th place by the end of the night.

Then the racing got tight as the back of the pack battled it out once again. Pharaoh, Puppet and OC had an all out battle for most of the night. Pharaoh put in a lot of time preparing for this Tourney and it paid off. He took his American Muscle to a victorious 6th place finish beating out a very hungry Puppet and OC. They raced hard all night but in the end he was able to edge out the victory. And finally we have the Ďcome from behindĎ story of Puppet. Unfortunately he had to miss the first race due to personal obligations. So , starting off the night with a big disadvantage, he set to work on catching OC. And boy did it pay off because despite being down an event Puppet managed to tie up the points with OC going into the final event at Catalunya! It was truly some of the best racing we have seen. After an early wreck, OC was out and Puppet took lead and victory for the night. Congratz to everyone who raced. It was a great night of racing and I canít wait to do it again.

We saw a lot more people putting in the prep time this week and it really paid off. I canít wait to see what the rest of the season brings. Be sure to get out there and really build, test and tune. D-Class is less than 2-Weeks away. Letís do it!

Overall Season Standings are as follows...

Interceptor 60
Lickwid Apex 46
Atrum 43
Dovahkiin 34
Xpert 30
Puppet 22
Glock 21
Pharaoh 14
Coolhand 12
OC 10
Tipton 9

Well that wraps up the news, now on to the next event. It should be very exciting to see where this season takes us.

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