Guild of Wars 2

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Guild of Wars 2

Post by S7 Panzer on Sun Jun 10, 2012 1:45 am

Currently enjoying the Beta of GW2. My personal experience with grinding MMO game goes far as Runescape. But I have to say the game can really suck you in when you have a full party / LAN of friends working together to defeat a boss. I'm not saying this hasn't already been invented ( WOW, Diablo, etc... ). Its just good to take a break from the FPS, RPS, and MOBA games while I suck in the world of Guild of Wars 2.

PS. This is probably more suited for the PC thread, my bad.

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Re: Guild of Wars 2

Post by Xpert2010 on Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:27 pm

I really wanted to play the beta before I bought the game. I missed out on the one open beta they had for a weekend, and the other availables weekend betas after that were if you already purchased a copy. I'll end up buying the game still. I played the first Guild Wars quite a bit when it first released, and that was enjoyable for awile until it started to feel out-dated compared to other games. Guild Wars 2 looks like a major step forward. Can't argue with no monthly fees.

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