S7R Forza 4 - Season 1 News:

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S7R Forza 4 - Season 1 News:

Post by S7 Interseptor on Fri Jan 20, 2012 1:30 pm

Forza News -

Well, we are off to a great start! The season premier event was a huge success with a turnout of 12 people! It was the biggest racing field we have ever had in our Forza Series. And because Forza 4 allows up to 16 people no one had to qualify or sit out the race. We had many of the usual suspects as well as some new comers. It was great to see some fresh faces and the racing was competitive and clean all night long. It was a great time and I look forward to many more exciting nights of racing.

Yesterday, we we got together for the first event of the season. It was VERY intense as usual. There were some great moments, close races and memorable mistakes. **cough Kenny on his side cough**. Unfortunately I missed the first 2 races due to internet failure so I started with a serious handicap. Fortunately I was able to really open it up and finished 1st place in all five events I was able to race. Still, it was not quite enough to overtake the lead that Wiggles had gained in my absence. Props to Wiggles who raced well all night long and took top honors at the end of the night (1st place). Despite my slow start I still managed to lock down 2nd place with Epic right on my heals in 3rd. Liquid Apex also had a solid night for his first event with the clan, claiming 4th place overall and 3 podium finishes! The next section features more of our veteran drivers, Coolhand, Kenny and Atrum. Coolhand locked down 5th place by a margin of only 2 points and Kenny and Atrum tied for 6th place. Next up was Pooty in 8th. He did surprisingly considering he had no mic and connection/lag issues all night. Even managed a podium finish! Also props to RaceCar, Benji and Riff Raff who finished 9th, 10th and 11th place respectively. All three of these guys raced well all night. Rounding out the field was OC 12th. Overall Season Standings are as follows...

Wiggles - 20pts
Interseptor - 17pts
Epic - 15pts
LiquidApex- 14pts
Coolhand - 13pts
Kenny - 12pts
Atrum - 12pts
Pooty - 10pts
Racecar - 9pts
Benji - 8pts
Riff Raff - 7pts
OC - 6pts

Well that wraps up the news, now on to the next event. It should be very exciting to see where this season takes us.


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