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Re: New CS trailers

Post by S7 mrmiller on Tue Aug 30, 2011 9:30 pm

S7 Epic wrote:

I think you're probably right.

Maps these days have too many routes in comparison to the number of players. Having choke points and standoff areas is great. Holding down a position not know what was coming was such a great. I remember the massive adrenaline rushes you'd get sometimes, like if you were on Aztec defending 'the water' by yourself and then you see all 5 of the opposing team coming towards you from their spawn, or in the sewers on Militia, or hearing that vent 'ding' on Miami.

I about forgot about Militia. Kwato camping on the roof 24/7. That fool was always in the same place and so easy to kill on that map, yet he still went there to snipe. LOL



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Re: New CS trailers

Post by S7 Epic on Tue Aug 30, 2011 9:46 pm

Yeah, roof sucked. Left window for sniping, box by front door for everything else. Then guys on lower roof defending back sewers.

Me and Krinkle played that map soooo much. It's probably got be to legit rank 23 or however high it was. I'd average about 3 kills per round and pretty much every game matched or beat Steel's 100-4 on Aztec. Fairly sure I went 120-3 or something stupid like that. It wasn't even funny how much we dominated that map. Even if the rest of the team was sh1t. Was hella fun sniping them in the smoke too whenever they tried to use it to hide on the way out of their tunnel.

Such a good (but def not balanced) map. Kinda feel they spoilt in CS:S =( Hopefully it'll get some nice changes for CS:GO.

d@mn, I love CS.

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