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S7 Forza 3 - Season 3 News:

Post by S7 Interseptor on Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:59 pm

Forza News -

Last week was the B-Class Tourney and things have really started to heat up. Turnout was a little on the low side (7 of us in total) but the races were as close as ever. This also marked the debut of SockPuppet in his first official Tourney with the clan. Congratz on a good race Puppet, you did very well for your fist time out. Keep it up and you'll be racing with the best of us in no time.

At the top of the standings was an all out battle between Glock and Wiggles and as usual it came right down to the last race where Wiggles took the gold and the B-Class Champion title for Season 3. Congratz Wiggles, well done. Due to some bad luck early on, and some bad racing on my part, I had a really tough start to this tourney finishing in 6th and 5th place for the first 2 races. This proved to be a crippling blow to the night and as much as I tried, I just couldn't catch the leaders. I finish in the top 3 and won a few of the races after my bad start but it just wasn't enough. Right there with me was Epic who was having a good night, with some bad luck as well. Epic and I battled all night and he ended up finishing just a few points behind me. Good racing for sure. Sticky also seemed to be a little off and had some bad luck as well and found himself fighting all over the board. Some of the races he was battling the front of the pack and others the back of the pack. All in all he finished just above OC, who incidentally was having a very good night. In fact, OC got his first podium last night finishing 3rd on Sunset Infield! Congratz bro! Rounding out the field was SockPuppet. As I mentioned earlier, this was his first event and it's not easy out there. He did very well and gave it his all for every race.

It was some great racing and a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone who showed up. At the end of the day the final standings looked like this: 1st - Wiggles, 2nd - Glock, 3rd - Interseptor, 4th - Epic, 5th - Sticky, 6th - OC, and 7th - SockPuppet.

Overall Season Standings are as follows...

Interseptor - 43pts
Wiggles - 38pts
Sticky - 27pts
Epic - 22pts
Glock - 18pts
Kenny - 17pts
Atrum - 11pts
Coolhand - 11pts
OC - 11pts
Pooty - 11pts
Chippy - 9pts
SockPuppet - 3pts

It's still amazingly close out there! Wiggles has made up some ground and closed the gap on first. Epic has moved back to striking distance of Sticky and Glock is rapidly moving up the pack. The top five are sure to do some shifting as we close out the season. Can Wiggles take first? Or will I hold on to the lead? Only 5 points separate us and only 2 races left to go! Can Epic catch Sticky and finish the season with a podium? 3rd place is up for grabs and only 5 points separate them! Plus Glock threatens to ruin the whole thing and move up to take 3rd for himself. Kenny is sitting nicely in 6th right now but anything can happen and just below him is now a 4-Way Tie for 7th! Atrum, Coolhand, OC and Pooty are all fighting it out to see who is going to finish on top. The rest of this season promises to be a good one. Stay tuned as the tense Season 3 rolls on...

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