S7's 1 year Anniversary Event Schedule

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S7's 1 year Anniversary Event Schedule

Post by S7 OC on Wed Feb 16, 2011 10:21 am

S7's 1 year Anniversary Event Schedule
S7 is coming up on it's 1 year anniversary on February 25th 2011. We have planned so events and contests for the occasion.
First is a Banner Contest. The rules are
Banner must be -797-x151
Theme- is to represent what S7 is/means to you
Deadline - is Feb 24th
PM me all entries and I will pick a winner to be put up on the forums for the rest of the March.

Second is a Trivia contest. The rules are you have between now and the 24th of Feb 2011 to PM your answers 1 entry only per person. CO and CC members are not able to win. The Prize is a $15 itunes card
Here are the questions
1. What S7 member is often called the "Poach King"?
2. Name the Seven Virtues of the Sacred Seven Clan?
3. What Games has S7 supported from day 1?
4. What is the official S7 clan motto?
5. Who are the 5 Clan Commanders (CC) in order of rank?
6. Name 5 members of S7 first and last name? You may not use your own name. Associate full names with their gamer tags
7. What instrument does Uncle Charles play?
8. Which clan member hand crafts custom pens.
9. Which clan member got married In July 2010.
10. How many members of S7 have had babies during S7's 1st year.
Again PM me your answers and I will announce the winner on the 25th. If there is a tie I will throw all the names in a hat and randomly pick who wins the prize of a $15 itunes card

Last but not least on Feb 25th 2011 S7 is going to hold an up all night with S7 gaming event. Chances are that there may be prizes given out through out the night as well.
Here is the schedule of events for that night.
8-10est will be Rainbow 6 vegas 2 with Uncle Charles
10-12 will be Forza 3 with Interseptor
12-2 will be Halo reach with Klown
2-4 will be Cod 4 or Zombies with Interseptor
4-6 will be Cod Black ops with Sticky
If you do not have these games go out and rent them this is going to be a night of epic proportions.
Also for those not interested in these games Black ops lobbies will be going for most if not all night
Lets Celebrate the 1 year birthday of S7 in style and show up to the all night event. Don't forget the Drinks.


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