S7 Member Spotlight for December

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S7 Member Spotlight for December

Post by S7 Interseptor on Tue Dec 14, 2010 11:48 am

S7 Spotlight Uncle Charles




Hometown:Charlotte, NC

Status (children if any):Married to Colleen for 24 yrs - 2 stepsons Brian and Matt

Me playing at Hard Rock Live...doing what I love to do

Employment (if any):Part Owner of Outdoor Services, Inc Landscape Design, Landscape and irrigation Construction

School: High School - Independence, Charlotte NC
College - Associates Degree in Graphic Arts UNCC

SECTION 2: Interview

Whatís your favorite video game ever and why?
GRAW - the 1st one for 360 - 1st game I ever played with all of you - A lot of fond memories

Whatís the coolest thing someone has ever done for you?
Agree to marry me....Colleen. Outside of that being selected to play harmonica in the musical "Big River"...big production with a 16 piece orchestra and me!

What are your favorite hobbies?
Music..obviously...Art, painting and charcoal, golf, video games, going to concerts and music festivals

What are your favorite movies, TV shows and/or books?
Tombstone, The Deer Hunter, any John Wayne or Clint Eastwood Movie. TV: Parenthood, Ghost Hunters, Antique Roadshow, Austin City Limits, Any Boxing..."Real" boxing. Books: Any James Clavell Book, Latest Book... Mark Twains Autobiography.

Favorite Food?
Steak, Shrimp and Grits, "REAL Italian"

Favorite Band?
Neil Young, The Band, Steely Dan, Ryan Adams, Modest Mouse....too many to list but you get the idea

Whatís life like when you arenít online gaming with S7?
Busy as all get out...Working a lot with this new business, Gigs almost every weekend...I'm a big dog lover and most of you know Soda and Willie...My Springer Spaniels, Colleen and I watch a lot of movies. Work has been challenging but fun. I'm up at 5:30 every morning and in the trenches. Pat my new partner is a great guy...hard worker and has a great business sense.

Where is the coolest place you have ever been to?
Barbados. I also sent my 18th b-day in Rosari Beach Mexico...very cool place. Hiked the Appalachian Trail...not the whole thing but basically along the NC - Tenn boarder. I love the Smoky Mountains. FT. Marks...A moonshine Bar in Cosby Tenn

What person do you admire and look up to?
Personally....My Brother Hank. Paul Newman and Ben Franklin outside that.

Whatís your fondest memory of gaming with the guys of S7?
My 1st encounter with you guys in GRAW. Partnering up with Interseptor and going in for the kill. Playing all night with AirCav and Klown on Halo...I've never laughed so hard. Leading Tico to his death...twice!!!...in Black-Ops...We were both yelling "FAIL" and laughing on that one.

Do you have any goals for the near future?
Just getting this business to a state I can feel comfortable again....hard to do in this doom and gloom economy but failure is not an option.

SECTION 3: Things you might not know about me
Won the 2008 Florida Harmonica Championship
In real life I'm a real good shot....I was the NC 100 yard champion with a 30 cal. M1A (Peep-site)
I sit on the board with the "Blues in Schools". Music organization that goes to schools around central Florida and teach kids how to JAM
Organize many charitable concerts around town.


Uncle Charles is a great guy to game with and to hang out with in real life. I have met up with him for the past two years in Orlando at the Gatherings as well as a previous gathering in Tampa. He has always been a great friend. My first memories of good ole UC date back to the days of Graw. I was running some ranked rooms when we stumbled upon this fella called Uncle Charles. After a few nights of gaming in Graw we told him to check out the web site and join up. The rest was history. - S7 OC

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