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Season 2 News

Post by S7 Interseptor on Fri Nov 05, 2010 11:03 am

S7 Forza 3 - Season 2 NEWS:

Alright! Things are rolling along nicely and this is by far the best season yet. Everyone is really stepping up and the competition is closer then ever. Glock has edged out into the lead once again with another win but I don't plan to let that rest. Of course I am not the only one trying to take the lead. Wiggles is also within striking distance and Epic and Sticky are close behind. Here are the season standings so far:

1st - Glock (28 pts)
2nd - Interseptor (26 pts)
3rd - Wiggles (21 pts)
4th - Epic (17 pts)
5th - Sticky (16 pts)
6th - OC (10 pts)
7th - Atrum (8 pts)
8th - Easy - (5 pts)

It's literally anyone's race as we head into the middle stretch of the season.

Note: To Kenny, Kyle and anyone else interested in picking up this game. The Ultimate Edition is in stock and available now for retailers nationwide. Retail price is $29.99!!! Now is the perfect time. Pick it up and lets get some serious racing going on (I might be picking it up myself at that price).

Up Next? C-Class. And with it comes even more options, faster cars and better handling. And as the power increases the tuning becomes even more important. Selecting the right car, providing the right parts and getting the right tune will all be key in winning this Tourney. Time to get to work boys. We got a lot of work to do and only two weeks to get it done. I predict another close one coming up. Who has what it takes to win? Stay tuned as Season 2 continues to roll...

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