S7 MW2 Inter-Clan Tourney

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S7 MW2 Inter-Clan Tourney

Post by S7 Interseptor on Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:18 pm

Last Saturday we had two back to back Tourney's with in our Modern Warfare 2 division. Below are the details and results...

Congratz to Floodsfire and Sticky, S7 Inter-Clan Champions!


MW2 Inter-Clan Tourney Info

Date: Saturday, 5-29-10, 9:00PM eastern (Tourney #1) & 1:00AM eastern (Tourney #2)

Round One: Team Deathmatch 4v4, Total of 5 matches

Perk setups:
Marathon (Pro or Regular)
Stopping Power (Pro or Regular)
Steady Aim (Pro or Regular)

Sub Base

Rules: 4v4, Top 4 players advance to the Final Round. Top players will be the 4 players with the total highest number of kills from all 5 matches.

No sniper rifles, noob tubes, missile launchers that can be aimed at people and commando. Killstreaks will be disabled. Rounds will be five minutes.

Bonus 1: Player with the highest kill/death ratio from all 5 matches picks the kill streak rewards for the players in the next round (all players will have the same killstreaks).

Bonus 2: Player with the lowest kill/death ratio from all matches picks the maps and red perk (cold blood ..etc) for the players in the next round.


Final Two
Free For All (5 matches)

rules as above apply.
Matches will be five minutes.


1st prize: Player with the highest total kills for all five rounds wins - 1 yr xbox live subscription or 1600 msp (to be updated)
2nd place: Player with the 2nd highest total kills for all five rounds - 800 msp

Tourney #1:
1st Place - S7 Floodsfire
2nd Place - S7 Tico

Tourney #2:
1st Place - S7 Sticky
2nd Place - S7 Tico

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